Fortune Global Adds Cargo Agency To A Portfolio Of Logistics Solutions

Cargo Agency


Cutting cost, expertise, industry knowledge, firm awareness of market trends and dynamics are some of the many reasons airliners consider before appointing Cargo Sales Agents to represent them in any location of interest.

Be it cargo space marketing, cargo handling, operations, pick-up or Door-to-Door delivery, a sophisticated blend of experience, expertise, capacity, professionalism is required to effectively manage the intricacies and extreme sensitivity of air cargo.

In an industry characterized by diverse challenges – ranging from shortage of skilled manpower, non-compliance, low handling capacity, technological inadequacies cum incompetence, airlines run short of reliable options as the chances of finding agents with the requisite globally acceptable standards in general cargo sales, operations and excess baggage handling remains stagnant or at most, slim.

The Fortune Global Response

Fortune Global understands the challenges and growth potentials of the industry and as such positions itself to tap into these opportunities; formulate effective operational strategies and design efficient processes and procedures to secure and manage air cargo spaces and facilitate delivery anywhere in Nigeria.

We are well positioned to represent local and international carriers in their key operational locations across Nigeria; serve all cargo related needs of customers in those places and save these airliners the burden of physically siting offices in those surrounding cities and towns.

Specifically, we are committed to offering our partner(s):

  • Smooth, safe & efficient management of cargo space in key locations of interest
  • Considerable profit margins because our approach is to cut cost and eliminate costly wastes.
  • Syndicated report of all documentations because we understand industry trends, dynamics, intricacies and market trajectories.
  • The heightened efficiency of moving goods
  •  Promotion of partners brands equity through the effective deployment of our vibrant digital marketing and other online platforms.


If you are a major air carrier that operates within and into the Nigerian geographical space and you’ve been wondering whether to engage a Nigerian-based General Cargo Sales Agent to effectively manage your General Cargo Sales, Operations, and excess baggage handling across diverse routes nationwide, ponder no more. Fortune Global is your partner of choice. Our solutions are designed with clients in mind and as such we ensure that customers’ needs are met in the most efficient, cost-effective and satisfactory way.

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