New Orleans, Houston, Lagos to Bayelsa Transportation

 Transportation and delivery of Manifold Skids, Launchers, and Receiver Skids

While not a spicy policy issue, Freight mobility and movement is a highly important one, especially when it comes to dealing with highly demanding project deadlines. Capacity constraints and congestion at major terminals create diverse problems and require expertise to manage effectively. (Fortune Global).

Are you still wondering what it would take to navigate the complexities of project shipments within designated timelines and budget? If your goal is to find a partner with the requisite capacity, experience and expertise to deliver on highly demanding turnkey projects, then bother no further for Fortune Global is well positioned to help you achieve your goals at a considerable cost.

One of the many ways Fortune Global has proven its capacity to expertise is in the planning, freight coordination, customs clearance, inland transportation and delivery of Manifold Skids, Launchers, and Receiver Skids for top clients in the Oil & Gas industry.

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The project was carried out on a Door-to-Door basis including: Packing and Crating of SKIDS and Accessories at Origin, Ocean Freight Pick-up, Origin Service and Customs Export Formalities, Freight Forwarding, Customs Inbound Formalities including Form ‘M’ Opening and RAR Processing, Customs Duty Assessment and Shipping Company Releases, Delivery at Terminal, Transportation to Final Delivery Location, from New Orleans, Houston to Lagos and Bayelsa. Managing all interfaces including Track and Trace for cargoes in transit from point of pickup to point of delivery and managing the entire shipment life cycle of project cargoes and community interfaces to prevent down time and deliver on project timelines.

Fortune Global remains committed to providing top notch solutions to the intricacies associated with the movement of complex project cargoes across diverse off and on-shore routes with keen attention to project detail and requisite timelines.

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