Taking Advantage of the Houston-Lagos Air Route for Your Consolidated Air freights

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Recent statistics have shown that the United State is Nigeria’s second largest import destination, accounting for almost 11% of total import volume into Nigeria. Houston, Texas, on the other hand, is considered by existing import data as a major hub from which a large number of goods are shipped to support the demand of retail traders, consumer and the industrial sectors in Nigeria. What this also means is that, as the demand for goods continues to rise on along the Houston-Nigeria trade lane, so also is the demand for logistics. And since the time value of logistics will be measured by the speed and quality of delivery, the most efficient mode of transportation along this trade lane must then become a key consideration. Though every mode of transportation has its own unique set of challenges and justification, the transportation of a set of small individual and time-sensitive shipments is best conducted by air for the following reasons:

  • Efficiency
  • Speed
  • Easier tracking and visibility
  • Lower cost
  • Time value of money

Moving many small individual items that are not large enough to fill a plane along the Houston-Nigeria and the Nigeria-Houston air route can take advantage of cargo consolidation services. Cargo Consolidation is simply the gathering of small individual packages to amount to a large volume shipment in order to cut shipping/freight cost. Each shipment is listed under a single Master Way Bill, while a House Way Bill is issued to each package for receipt of goods. To get this done seamlessly, all that is required is to engage a Forwarder, with the requisite technical competence to effectively manage the movement, coordination, destination clearance, deconsolidation and hitch-free delivery of shipments to individual consignees.

The key considerations for individual consignees before engaging Forwarders/Agents for Air Consolidation, include experience, industry reputation, technical competence and delivery capacity.

If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced and highly competent agent to handle such shipments along the Houston-Nigeria trade lane, either on import or export bases, search no more, Fortune Global is your partner of choice because we maintain highly effective office and warehouse spaces in Houston and Lagos. Our expertise in the consolidation and deconsolidation of shipments from both Houston and Lagos locations twice every week is top-notch. We offer safer and faster deliveries at affordable rates. Our 24/7 IT support is value-oriented and enables consignees to gain control of their shipments. Above all, our culture of 100% compliance with industry, regulatory and safety standards is indisputable.

As a fully licensed cargo agent, Fortune Global is well positioned to offer best-in-class solutions for all air-CONSOL shipments along the Houston-Lagos; Lagos-Houston air routes.

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