7 Reasons why AIR FREIGHT Logistics is best for your business

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As the global economy continues to show very significant signs of growth in 2018, so also is the demand for raw materials and finished goods continue to rise across the globe, leading to a corresponding demand for the transportation of these goods through multimodal means to and from every corner of the earth. Demand for the services of 3rd Party Logistics providers to coordinate the movement of cargo and manage the cross-border regulatory formalities associated with it is a spontaneous response to the demand for goods and the need to transport them. However, the key consideration is not just to get these goods to customers, but to do so faster, better, and safer by the best means possible.


Every mode of transportation – be it Air, Sea, Land, Rail has its own pros and cons but if you’re wondering how to get shipments of very high value and not necessarily high volumes across to places where they are needed across the globe, transportation by air easily comes to mind and here is why:


  • Speed: When your goods need to be moved quickly, airfreight is the best solution in comparison to the other modes of transportation.


  • Cargo Visibility: Here, it’s easier to track your goods and obtain the status of your shipments, with the IT-enabled platforms that many carriers now provide to their customers globally. This means that you can monitor your cargo globally from departure at origin to arrival at the destination port.


  • Reliability: Departure and arrival schedules of cargo flights are so reliable and predictable that they hardly fail to meet designated timelines.


  • Cargo security: Though incidence of poor handling can occur, shipping by air is the safest mode of cargo transportation – particularly because the rate of cargo theft is reduced and the chances of shipments arriving at destination in the right quantity and best condition possible are usually very high.


  • Global Reach: Many airlines have a very large network of destinations where they can either deliver cargo directly or through their network partners in a matter of days. What this means is that you can sit here in Lagos and export tons of Ofada Rice to Honiara, in Solomon Island in less than a week.


  • Less Need for Packaging: Unlike ocean shipments that require heavy packing, air shipments require effectively light packing materials, while saving time and cutting cost.


  • Pharma Logistics Optimization: The pharmaceutical industry relies on the speed and efficiency of air transportation for moving high-value, time and temperature sensitive cargo – especially vaccines to places where they are needed across the globe.


Having seen some of the top benefits of air freight logistics, are you still wondering how to move your freight to and from distant locations or across complex transit routes? Or a competent partner to take the burden off your shoulders? Think Fortune Global! With a proven record of accomplishment, expertise and high performance in handling the logistics of airfreight shipments to and from all parts of the world, we are well positioned to serve you better at a considerable cost.


Fortune Global has built strategic alliances with major international airliners and network of partners to deliver cargo to all cities, countries, and continents as well as the expertise to efficiently handle the coordination, documentation, and destination clearance formalities with the following benefits to customers and partners:


  1. Competitive rates

  2. Same day shipment pick-up on arrival

  3. Use of direct flight for most of our shipments which guarantees seamless delivery.

  4. Our delivery Options include:


In conclusion, while it’s a known fact that the delivery of goods and services to customers in all parts of the world requires transportation from one place to another, it’s important to seriously consider how to achieve it better faster, through the kind logistics expertise we offer – which involves the effective planning, management of the requisite information and resources in the process of moving shipments, coordination of shipments, documentation requirements, ensuring compliance with destination regulations or laws and timely delivery to customers.


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