Most Frequently Asked Questions in the COVID 19 Era (Answered)

The lock-down in several countries across the world as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic has thrown up a lot of questions from shippers and suppliers with a specific interest in Nigeria. The following are some of the commonest questions and answers provided by Fortune Global:

Question one: Are you open for business currently?

Answer: Yes, we are open for business and able to handle your requests within 24 hours, every day of the week.

Question Two: With the new flight restriction policy, how do you guys operate especially in Nigeria, Can you pick-up shipment from any location at this time?

Answer: Based on the availability of Lagos-bound vessel (for sea freight), airline (for air freight), and space from locations where cargo operations are currently ongoing around the world.

Question Three: Are your rates affordable?

Answer: Though rates have generally increased due to lower market capacity, our rates and agency charges are very competitive. However, we do not have control over fixed third parties and statutory charges like Shipping & Terminal, Customs Duties, levies or taxes for sea freight, as well as Customs Duties and taxes, NAHCO/SAHCOL, FAAN and ANCLA charges for air freight.

Question Four: Are your field operations staff available currently?

Answer: Our field operations team are available to perform all regulatory formalities – including documentation, Customs Clearance procedures, facilitation of cargo release, and delivery round the clock, every working day of the week.

Question Five: What is your estimated transit and arrival time?

Answer: This depends on pick-up location, mode of transportation carrier, and routing. However, we will issue the appropriate advice, based on the estimated transit time and arrival date provided by the shipping lines or airlines concerned.

Question Six: How can we reach you for requests or other important information throughout this period of lockdown?

Answer: You can reach us on our website and fill our request a quote, any of our social media channels or send a mail to [email protected] for a swift response to your requests at any time of the day.
During this epidemic period, the best purchasing method is online, the most reliable logistics agent to get your shipment/purchase to your doorstep is Fortune Global.

If you have concern with picking up your shipment from any location around the world or are worried about the what alternatives modes of moving your cargoes to destination or the cost, the required documentation and regulatory formalities, up to last-mile delivery, we are here to help you succeed and find answers to all your questions.

Our commitment to excellence is proven and steadfast. You can reach us on multiple online channels round the clock for swift response, expert advice, and delivery to any destination of your choice within the agreed timeline, at no additional cost to your original budget.

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