Dealing With The Challenges Of ICT/TELECOMS Logistics

Problems associated with ICT Logistics

The ICT/Telecoms industry thrives on speed, innovation, expertise and global connectivity of people, resources and equipment across diverse routes and countries of origin within the designated timeframe and at considerable cost. That is the expectation of industry stakeholders but some challenges – especially in logistics have become so inherent that the attention of manufacturers, suppliers, freight forwarders, regulators, end-users have been drawn to it and lasting solutions constantly sought after.

One of the major challenges associated with ICT/Telecoms Logistics equipment clearance is that most clearing agents lack adequate knowledge and clear understanding of Harmonization System (HS) Codes of several equipment and accessories, which are required for accurate duty classification. Most times, this would lead to arguments with regulators, mounting demurrages and costly delays resulting from wrong classification. Other challenges include:

  • Inability to effectively manage end-to-end supply chain formalities – including visibility from origin to destination within designated budget and timeline.
  • Inaccurate duty assessment, leading to customs query and payment of additional charges.
  • Low level of familiarity with ICT/telecoms equipment, leading to the inability to accurately classify a variety of equipment and accessories.
  • Lack of compliance with regulatory standards, stemming from inadequate knowledge of the necessary documentation requirements.
  • Poor delivery, leading to customer/end-user dissatisfaction
  • Poor equipment handling, leading to costly damage to equipment and loss of revenue.

ICT LOgistics


Since these challenges have shown very slow signs of abating soon, stakeholders in the ICT/Telecoms need to engage very efficient, knowledgeable, highly compliant freight management company like Fortune Global, with the requisite expertise to effectively handle the complex logistics of ICT/Telecoms equipment better, faster, without incurring avoidable costs. This is because our team of operations experts will guarantee accurate equipment classification and explanation using Right Reading on the customs tariff book/manual. The team is quite familiar with the intricacies of ICT/Telecoms equipment, having handled same for all the top industry giants, even prior to joining Fortune Global.

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