Lesser Known Facts about Sea Freight Forwarding Services

Transportation of goods by sea to distant locations is one of the oldest modes of transport in history. Waterways were used extensively by the merchants for trade across continents. Various goods such as spices, garments, food grains, etc were loaded on the ships for transporting them to different corners of the world. Today, this facility of transporting goods by waterways is provided by the Sea Freight Forwarding Companies. The Sea Freight supply chain involves many parties and relies on accurate and timely information being transmitted amongst the parties.

What is Sea Freight Forwarding Services?

  • A Sea Freight Forwarding Company organizes shipments for individuals or corporations to get goods from the manufacturer to a market, customer or the final point of distribution.
  • Inefficiencies in Sea Freight Forwarding affect the chain of distribution and may result into delays and increased costs for the importers and exporters. These inefficiencies in the sea freight supply chain occur due to inadequate, late, or lack of communication between the parties in the chain.
  • Sea Freight Forwarders do not move the goods themselves but act as an expert in the logistics network. They contact the carriers to move the cargo of their clients.
  • International freight forwarders basically handle international shipments. They have expertise in preparing and processing the legal documents required for international shipments.
  • Sea Freight Forwarding Services are cheaper than Air Freight Services. Even though it takes longer to ship goods by sea, it is preferred by many and at times is the only option for transporting some goods across countries.

Freight companies specialize in the moving or forwarding of freight, or cargo, from one place to another. There are thousands of freight companies in business worldwide, many of which are members of certain organizations. There are some reputed Sea Freight Forwarding Companies in Nigeria who are experienced and well equipped according to the industry.

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