Dominating The African Offshore Marine Services

Lots of companies are there that offer offshore marine services in Nigeria. offer premium services and keep in line with the current standards. With a superior management wing backed up by state-of-the-art technological aid and dedicated Manpower, they have a global dominance in the field of complete Marine services.
The various offshore marine services are available all throughout the West of Africa through offices in several countries, headed by their main base in Nigeria. These companies offer offshore support to all major actors in the oil and gas industry, in all areas of operation: continental and deep offshore.

Why select one in Nigeria?
As a member of almost all associated international regulatory bodies, the offshore marine companies in Nigeria maintain a standardized procedure, allowing reliable, quality service in compliance with global safety. Their ‘success of a mission’ is measured in terms of optimum client satisfaction, catering them with safe and efficient operations anywhere in the world.
They supply offshore installations with towing, anchoring, and pin-point positioning facilities. Their dedicated fleet of vessels is capable of supporting floating oil and gas production, storage, and unloading units. They also maintain conveyance assistance for personnel transport and movement. The other wings of specialization include local authorities (as Customs) clearance, processing Temporary Import (TI) permits, Business & STR Visas inline with NCDB regulations. They also assist in salvage and pollution remediations, procurement and warehousing, Third-party payment managements and even offer support services as airport protocol/husbandry.

How are they different?
The companies that offer marine services in Nigeria, train and maintain a full range of personnel specialized in all sorts of offshore industries, including marine, drilling, construction, catering or various other service positions. Their vast network of global alliance and connections enables immediate response to every critical situation faced by their esteemed clients.

Not a single management can operate effectively without maintaining its co-associates. In terms of vessels, it is a challenge to maintain its crew. These companies are a specialist and preferred supplier when it comes to crew management, and an alliance with them can relieve you from time-consuming crew management duties. They cooperate with recognized crewing agencies worldwide and handle all documentation related to foreign crew members.

A rapid action team (over and under water) is always available in their arsenal to respond to any kind of unavoidable natural disaster. So select one such company as they are the best option because of their experience in ship-management, Water and provision resupply, refuelling, personnel relief, equipment transport, Transferring wastewater and oily residues, assisting the protection of Operations (collision protection, clearing transit routes, etc.), Emergency towing ability to ensure the continuity of seismic operations, assistance and support at sea during maintenance operations.

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