Competitive Rates-Key To Acquiring Global Air Freight Services

As Christmas comes closer, so does the need to fly off merchandise across the world. Some companies offer the best services, and rates are so competitive that even Santa Claus will consider hiring them! The global air freight services are hinged on the rate card and the ease with which the parcels land at the doorstep of a customer. Here are some good reasons for some global shipping firms to tweak their business in the festive spirit.

Reliability is the keyword

What goes around the world may come back to haunt, if a parcel does not reach on time. Airborne deliveries require precision handling. Having low rates isn’t the matter much, but professional handling that will be the determining factor. The human resources form the fulcrum of credibility and reliability in the choice of some customers who approach firms to ship their wares all over the world. The need to keep a good relationship with airlines flying to major and maximum air routes is crucial. Since international boundaries matter, it is also important to have a good relationship with several government authorities, agencies and multi national companies for smooth delivery. Having a very large capacity to handle airfreight and deliver at the right address makes the difference in a competitive market. A cheap company may not have all these essential points; hence customers need to be careful in their choice.

Choosing the right air freighter

When there is talk of supply chain for global air freight services then a GSP tracking system is critical. The need for timing and also visibility makes it important before picking up the partnering firm. If the company has a wide spectrum of services as part of its portfolio, it is helpful. Multiple transportation facilities worldwide, increased speed, website alerts and protection mean a lot to a client who looks for service during the busy season. What is also helpful is if the air freighter has:

  • Inter-connected regulatory knowledge
  • Reduce shipping delays
  • Knows custom clearances
  • Good sales force
  • Develop and also create solutions quickly
  • Offers large global footprint for services

An experienced service provider will also add ‘value’ to the shipment to ensure an ‘on-time delivery. Imagine how hurt the little girl would be if she did not get her Christmas doll on time from the store? While on the other hand a surprise package on the doorstep at the right time would bring a smile.

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