Why You Must Engage the Right Air Freight Forwarder


Since the demand for air freight logistics remains justifiably high, carriers, Forwarders, and consignees across the globe are showing commitment to applicable safety and quality standards.

While airfreight (like the many other modes of transportation) is not devoid of its own limitations, it is arguably the safest and fastest mode of cargo transportation in the world. Though this understanding is the first critical guide to key decision-making for engaging an Air Freight Forwarder, the following are very important questions that must be answered before such a decision is taken.

Does the Forwarder understand the basic regulatory requirements? Is the Forwarder conversant with diverse requirements for selecting aircraft for cargo transportation? Do they understand the safety requirements? What are the cost implications? How can I get my cargo delivered quickly, safely, in the best condition possible, at a low cost?

Key Factors to Consider?

  • First, look out for Forwarders who understand the basic regulatory/country-specific requirements for each step of the import or export procedure and accurately advise consignees and their agents. This is mostly expected in the area of documentation and what regulatory authorities would be interfaced with at every stage of the transaction and the estimated timeline(s) required and the cost of potential delays.


  • Secondly, the Forwarder must be conversant with diverse requirements for selecting cargo carriers. The Forwarder must be such that is able to determine whether the cargo is fit to be airfreighted or not; for part charter, full charter or a CONSOL.


  • Thirdly, every category of cargo has its unique safety requirements and the cost of not applying the appropriate measures. In other words, the safety requirements for perishables (fruits & vegetables) is different from those of dry cargoes and dangerous or hazardous materials or even medical vaccines.


  • Fourthly, A good understanding and knowledge of the cost requirements will give room for cost-considering advice to consignees – including the nature of the cargo and the cost associated to them; dimensions, weight, and timeline for delivery and all key considerations for determining the cost of any airfreight.


  • Lastly, a competent Forwarder understands the standard delivery timeline for every kind of shipment airfreighted from or to any country of origin. As such the Forwarder is equipped with accurate information on expected delivery time, enabling consignees to plan in line with it with almost no room for costly errors.

Considering the foregoing factors as a guide to decision making, you need a company with the pedigree of excellence to handle all your airfreight concerns, ranging from advisory, freight management, delivery, and post-delivery management.

Fortune Global is your first choice Airfreight Forwarder! With a proven capacity to handle large volumes of airfreight per time, we understand the technical intricacies involved in managing diverse cargo via multiple air routes across the world.

Above all, you can trust us to deliver faster, safer; in the best condition possible and at a moderate cost.

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