Tips for Finding the Right LCL Partner in Nigeria


While a strong network of global Consolidators and Deconsolidators is considered as one of the greatest keys to success in the logistics of LCL Consolidation, finding the right destination partners at strategic global hubs to serve the needs of consignees in those locations is equally important and largely considered as a key driver of success.

The primary goal of a Consolidator is to ensure that individual shipments (Less Than Container Loads) are put together as one Full Container Load and transported by sea for deconsolidation by the Consolidator’s agent at the port of destination and eventually released to individual consignees.

Finding the Right LCL Partner in Nigeria

As demand for consolidators in Europe, Asia, America and other parts of the world continue to grow, so also has the need for competent and trustworthy Deconsolidators in Nigeria become more pressing than ever. That is why the following must be considered before engaging an LCL partner in Nigeria:

  • An agent with the requisite experience and technical expertise to effectively manage LCL shipment across diverse routes to the destination – including documentation.
  • An agent with a modern Warehousing facility and efficient Degrouping system to help serve the needs of all your consignees.
  • Adequate knowledge of regulatory requirements for LCL shipments and a proven capacity to seamlessly manage Customs procedures.
  • An agent with an excellent History of transparency and compliance with industry best practice.
  •  IT communication platform for end-to-end visibility and real-time shipment updates.

Since the foregoing criteria are key considerations for engaging an LCL deconsolidation agent in Nigeria, Fortune Global is your partner of choice. A company built on the twin principles of transparency and compliance, Fortune Global is the go-to-LCL agent in Nigeria for many among the following reasons:

  • Our experience in the effective handling and management of LCL shipments from Asia, American and Europe to Nigeria.
  • Our documentation processes are impeccable, enabling consignees to avoid costly delays.
  • We deploy our technical expertise in a way that enables consignees to cut and keep cost under control.
  • Our ability to effectively monitor and provide a real-time report on shipment status to both Consolidators and consignees.
  • Our ability to expertly monitor and manage the deconsolidation process to ensure accuracy and timeliness in last mile delivery.
  • Our network of warehouses that facilitates the unstuffing of several containers and release of cargoes to multiple consignees in a timely manner.
  • Our well-informed understanding of accurate pricing in line with dimensions and appropriate measurement standards.
  • Our knowledge of regulatory requirements for LCL shipments and a proven capacity to seamlessly manage Customs procedures.
  • Our compliance with all extant regulatory and standard practice requirement, including ISO 9001: 2015 and the best safety standards in all our operations.


In view of the foregoing justification, Fortune Global is well positioned to provide top-notch destination support to origin Consolidators across the globe in line with mutually agreed terms and condition of service.



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