Six Key Benefits Of Engaging A Competent Freight Forwarder

Freight Forwarder


Manufacturers need raw materials supplied early enough at a good cost so that they can satisfy the ever-growing demands of their customers. The retailer relies on the efficient delivery of their consignments to meet the diverse needs of innumerable customers. The average project engineer or offshore constructor require the efficiency and competence of a freight forwarder to achieve their logistics goals and beat project timelines.

If your goal is to move your freights to and from anywhere in the world better, faster, at a considerable cost and in the best condition possible, then the decision on which freight forwarder to engage, must be taken cautiously.

The domestic logistics space is awash with “freight forwarders,” but finding a competent one is a critical step towards your goal. The benefits of finding a competent and highly professional freight forwarder far outweigh the cost of not doing so. Though one can hardly exhaust the benefits of hiring a competent freight forwarder to manage the intricate processes of your freight logistics, the following are key benefits of doing so:


Expert Advice: A competent freight forwarder offers helpful advice ranging from the right kind of container or carriage material to use for specific or diverse kinds of shipment; how these items are or should be loaded; the most considerable rates for major and alternative routes and most importantly key information on destination regulatory requirements – including documentation and statutory charges. They are usually proactive, can anticipate possible pitfalls and proffer cost-saving solutions even before your freights are moved from origin.


Cost Saving: Competent freight forwarders understand the sensitive correlation between time and money and as such pay keen attention to the time span between order and delivery. Beyond profit consideration, the most important objective for a company like Fortune Global is to deliver within designated timeline because we understand the cost implications of delays in paying third-party charges like shipping and terminal, duty payment and other documentation charges required to clear shipments with regulatory bodies before delivery can be done. Such delays will incur high demurrage charges and increase your logistics cost if they are not addressed as quickly as required. This is not to say challenges (prompted by humans and force majeure) will never occur, they can but the key consideration is cost-saving and firm commitment nip costly error or mistakes in the bud.


Quality Assurance: This is where a competent freight forwarder deploys the most effective combination of systems(technology), processes, procedures and people to address and satisfy your specific needs. In this case, there is a seamless flow of information between you and the freight forwarder and the entire transaction from pick- up, loading, transportation from origin to arrival at destination; all the associated regulatory formalities to invoicing are visible to you (the customer) without any shadow of doubt. Quality assurance also means that transaction records and major incidents that may occur in the entire process are well documented. The purpose of this is to tighten all loose ends, adopt corrective and preventive measures to incidents or exposures that have the potential to mar genuine efforts towards service excellence and customer satisfaction.


Competitive Advantage: Some of the easiest ways to gaining competitive advantage is the ability to secure competitive freight transportation rates; gain access to the quickest routes and to make sure your goods arrive just in time and in the anticipated condition. A competent Freight forwarder like Fortune Global wants you to succeed and like to work with your own target timeline as though we are serving your own clients. We serve you with your own customers in mind. This commitment will naturally keep you ahead or at par with competitors. This will enable you to deliver within and even ahead of the designated project, production or distribution deadlines.


Regulatory Interface: Though all freight forwarders (competent or not) interface with regulatory agencies, the ones with a pedigree of compliance and competence in handling issues that pertain to documentation, valuation, and regulatory authorities will avert costly errors will not only save time and money, it will enhance your corporate reputation.


Global Partnership: One of the key attributes of a competent freight forwarder is the link to large global freight forwarding and logistics network. They leverage these networks of partners to picked-up, transport and coordinate your freights from origin to destination by land, air or sea. That is why the Fortune Global team can sit here in Nigeria and coordinate freights on behalf of customers from the United States to Nigeria; Russia to Ghana; from Argentina to Kenya; from Australia to Iceland and in many other similar instances without breaking a sweat.


In case you’ve ever had to contemplate on which freight forwarder to engage in Nigeria -especially if you have hardly done any business here, think Fortune Global. Even in the face of peculiar challenges, we have distinguished ourselves in service; remained resolutely committed to serving our customers excellently. Riding on the back of a successful pedigree, our commitment to excellence and customer success are a few among many other benefits that a customer can derive from engaging Fortune Global.

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