Finding the Right Marine Logistics Partner in Nigeria




“Cost-efficiency, Consistency of quality delivery, expertise and timeliness are some of the key criteria for selecting a marine logistics provider/agent or partner across the world.” (Kanayo Nnamani)

Marine Logistics entails the movement of people, equipment and resources of diverse functions from one port to another or offshore locations; one offshore location to another for the effective delivery of goods or to support specific offshore project(s), vessel(s) or offshore Supply Base(s). It also requires interface with all authorities for regulatory formalities, as well as a good understanding of environment or country-specific requirements.

As trade volumes and demand for marine logistics continue to increase across diverse maritime locations, so also have industry regulations, and competition among logistics providers become more complex. And so, the decision to engage a logistics provider becomes vital.

Key Considerations

Since the aim of logistics is to create value for customers at a considerable cost, the following must be considered before engaging a marine logistics service provider in Nigeria:

Technical Capacity: The benefits of engaging a tested service provider with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the technical requirements (including end-to-end documentation) of marine logistics are enormous. You can save time and reduce potential exposure to needless cost if you engage the right provider.


Flexibility: Ability to create a profitable balance between service priorities and cost should be a key criterion for hiring a logistics provider. Therefore, engaging marine logistics service providers who show a clear understanding of customer or project-specific requirements and clearly demonstrate the ability to deliver on those requirements within your designated budget and timeline is not only a key selection criterion but a meaningful benchmark for success.


Time-Based Performance: It’s one thing to have capacity and it’s another to be keen on time-based performance. Providers with pedigree of excellent time-based performance should be your easy preferences for marine logistics because it shows clear commitment to service excellence.


Knowledge of Operational & Safety Control Measures: Providers with comprehensive knowledge of operational activities with the highest safety risk exposures are always likely to put the most suitable safety control measures in place. A clearly articulated safety plan is a key guarantee to success in all marine logistics operations.


Excellent project Execution Plan: This should be a key vendor selection standard. Planning and designing efficient logistics workflow for clients to maximize time and cut needles costs is a critical success factor in any project logistics, be it marine or land. A good project execution plan will produce the expected outcome based on agreed scope and project specific requirement.


Performance Measurement and Improvement Plan: A service provider who can show a blueprint of performance measurement and improvement plan is a good candidate for selection. This will ensure that performance is monitored and measured in line with the agreed deliverable. The goal is to maintain continuous improvement in the service circle and to guard against poor logistics performance.


What’s Next?

If you have read the foregoing considerations for selecting or engaging a logistics service provider or partner for your marine logistics in Nigeria and you’re wondering if you can find a trusted one, think Fortune Global. We offer our clients technical competence, flexibility, time-based performance, safety, excellent project-specific execution plan and sustainable improvement plan.

From heavy lift Vessel Chartering, Vessel Clearance – including coastal movements clearance and  vessel mooring analysis; Husbandry, Cargo clearance, offshore supply base operations and documentation; stevedore to project evaluation and reporting, Fortune Global has consistently delivered some of the best results in the industry and attracted several accolades and admiration from industry stakeholders – including competitors.


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