Consolidation As a Logistics Solution To Your Business


Are you a commodity trader whose business depends on the importation of goods to serve the needs of your customers? Are you looking for a logistics solution that will enable you move small shipments by sea or air at a considerable cost, remain competitive and maintain a sustainable business growth? Then, think consolidation.


The primary goal of Consolidation as a logistics solution is to ensure that shipment of individuals importing from the same global hubs are put together as either one Full Container Load by sea or as consolidated cargo if they are to be transported by air at a much lower cost. It’s a very efficient distribution system that enables the delivery of shipment to several individual consignees at destination.


For instance, it would have been a lot more expensive for an individual shipper to move up to 200kg cargo by sea, as a single item in a container all the way from Asia, America, or Europe to Nigeria but thanks to consolidation, that can be achieved at a much lower cost. So, the logistics solution that Consolidation brings to the average commodity trader or importer is quite remarkable in the sense that people pay less when their shipments are consolidated and transported in group as a single shipment. Then, at destination warehouse, the consolidated shipments are deconsolidated or separated and delivered to individual consignees after the necessary regulatory formalities.

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Again, the fact that Customs examinations and releases to individual consignees are done at designated bonded warehouses, saves consignees’ time and the pain of having to go through rigorous port procedures. For instance, if Customs clearance procedure is taking its toll on your profit margin, Consolidation becomes an option. This will not only cut cost and save time as stated earlier but take you through very light and less painful regulatory procedure.


The question at this point is no longer what to do to save time, cut cost and respond to rapidly changing customer demand as a commodity trader who is import dependent. It’s now about which Consolidation agent to engage to help you stay competitive.


All you need is a competent destination agent with the following attributes:


  • Requisite structure, pedigree, and technical expertise to not only manage Consolidated shipments of diverse nature but is able to provide well-informed advice on possible outcomes.
  • Strategic partnerships with Consolidators at strategic import hubs across the world.
  • Requisite warehouse and an efficient distribution system to help you meet your competitive needs.
  • A sound knowledge of regulatory and documentation requirements for LCL shipments and a proven capacity to seamlessly manage Customs procedures.
  •  IT communication platform for real-time shipment updates.


If what we’ve seen is anything to go by, then one is moved to conclude that the decision of a commodity trader or an import-dependent retailer to engage a competent Consolidation agent is as important as the decision to stay competitive. Hire a dependable partner to handle all your consolidated shipments by sea or air from all import locations across the world and avoid the costly error of engaging wrong agents.

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Advantages of Groupage Services

  • It is stress-free with extreme professionalism
  • Cost effective, saving you a lot.
  • Fast and highly convenient
  • Transparent and Guarantees Package Safety


  • Customer agrees to comply with all applicable local, state or federal laws, rules, ordinances or regulations concerning each container and its use, including required permits.

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