2 Major Reasons Why You Need a Bonded Warehouse in Nigeria


Previously, we examined the general importance of warehousing, as well as the unique features of the different types of warehouses but this article will focus on the key reasons bonded warehousing is important in Nigeria.


For countries with high logistics efficiency and low infrastructural deficit, bonded warehousing may not be such a big deal. In a developing country like Nigeria, the importance of bonded warehousing cannot be over-emphasized.


The question an average Nigerian shipper or user should then ask is, what is a bonded warehouse? Why do I need a bonded warehouse?

Even if I do, what are its logistics benefits to my business?


Basically, a bonded warehouse in Nigeria is a warehouse licensed by the Nigerian Customs Service. In the face of unending port congestion in Nigeria, bonded warehousing is important to an average Nigerian simply because time-sensitive cargo/containers or Groupage containers are transferred straight from the ports to the bonded warehouses with minimal delays.

Port operations take place in this warehouse and apart from being able to store dutiable cargo, customs inspections/examinations are performed there.

The appropriate duties are paid in this warehouse and cargo released to consignees, as it is done at the port.


While the establishment of a bonded warehouse provides a background for business owners to make strategic choices pertaining to warehousing, the following are two major reasons why you need a bonded warehouse in Nigeria:


Efficiency: One of the greatest benefits of a bonded warehouse is that shipments can be consigned from origin to the bonded warehouse directly, without the risk of being trapped in port congestion. This makes the clearance of special Oil & Gas, project-based, time-sensitive, or restricted cargoes, faster, easier, and better with minimal exposure to additional costs.


Easier Access to Cargo: Given that Groupage containers carry Less Than Container Loads of multiple consignees (multiple individual cargo owners), a bonded warehouse gives these multiple consignees easier access to their goods outside the seaport and faster clearance and other regulatory processes and pick-up.


The Fortune Global Solution

In view of the benefits of a bonded warehouse in Nigeria, one very critical factor that always likely guarantees success for users is finding a professionally operated warehouse with all the configuration of a world-class warehouse. You can count on Fortune Global Shipping & Logistics Limited to offer diverse clients all these benefits and many more unique solutions as enumerated below:


  • A 4,000 Sqm double-decked capacity warehouse space, close to both the Apapa and Tincan port complexes, with easy access to the Lagos city center and other strategic business routes.
  • A world-class warehouse facility, licensed space for bonded operations, and a large area designed for the storage of diverse range of cargo – including heavy-duty equipment, agro, chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, medical, general equipment/material, etc.
  • Fully equipped with Hydraulic cargo lift and other critical handling equipment to make your storage and distribution easier, faster, and safer.
  • Secure storage spaces designed for highly sensitive and valuable goods
  • 24/7 power supply, large parking area for trucks and other equipment.


For expedited clearance, delivery, safe storage at almost no exposure to additional cost, contact Fortune Global for top of the range warehousing services.


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